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Little Dexter is all smiles! ~ Kelowna BC

photography by Cheryl Lynne Peterson 250-833-2834

One of my favorite parts about my career choice is, seeing so many families grow. Their wedding was stunning and they new son Dexter is just so awesome! Kristin Hammock and Bill Hammock live in Fort Mac but when they come down for visits I get to see them.:)Thank you guys!



Wedding, Family & Baby Photography - www.promisephotography.ca - website updates, I love all my amazing families, it is never a slight that I batch post them up to the website. you guys are great Kristin Hammock and Bill Hammock :)

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family = LOVE ~Autumn session

all photography by Cheryl Peterson ~ Promise Photography 250-833-2834

This family was a delight to photograph I love having the time to go to multiple locations. This session was at the lower end of Peterson’s Orchard and / Canoe Beach.



Cheryl Lynne Peterson - Thank you Tracy Dollevoet for the amazing privilege to photograph your amazing family.

Yvonne Dollevoet - wow! nice shots…

Natalie Dollevoet - aweeeeeee soooo cute!!! i want some of these!

Kristy Chu - So adorable, love them!

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Family session ~Salmon Arm, BC

Photography by Cheryl Lynne Peterson 250-833-2834

This beautiful Family met me at the Salmon Arm Marine Park, wharf for their photography session. They were very fun and easy to work with. I personallyDSC_8983-EditDSC_9037-EditDSC_9109-EditDSC_9243-EditDSC_9292-EditDSC_9334-EditDSC_9424-EditDSC_9478-Editloved watching little Ella watching the ducks in the Shuswap lake.


Cheryl Lynne Peterson - this was such a great summer with so many amazing family sessions :) Thank you Sarah Thurmeier, Elizabeth Seegmiller and Jill Gale

Jill Gale - Great work Cheryl! Can’t wait for our disc

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Tina & Trevor’s Perfect Wedding!

Photography by Cheryl Peterson ~ Promise Photography 250-833-2834

I am so privileged to spend my days photographing such wonderful people. I also get to work with extremely talented people like Alter Ego Hair Studio, Amanda Johnston, Brandy Moore, Angela Spannier they made eveyone’s hair so amazing. A wedding is never the same without Missy MacKintosh – Make Up Artist “she is the best”. Huge thanks to my second shooter Joshua Jerrid Dickau who always knows what I need before I ask for it ( I love that) he also provided the “grooms men” photo’s that are posted.  Big thanks to Ryan Lindquist who did such a beautiful job on the engagement video and I just know the Wedding video will be even better. Of course HUGE Thanks to Trevor Lega & his stunning Bride Tina Lega for entrusting me with the photography for their amazing day!  to see their amazing wedding video by www.Lastcutevideo.com  copy this link  https://www.dropbox.com/s/tyg28x6r4pxvm6k/T%20and%20T.mov?dl=0

1tina dressblog62t+t girlsblog63t+t boysDSC_5397-EditDSC_5405DSC_5529-EditDSC_5574-EditDSC_5649-EditDSC_5884DSC_6013DSC_6137-EditDSC_6148-EditDSC_6202DSC_6374-EditDSC_6466-EditDSC_6547-EditDSC_6686DSC_6900-EditDSC_6960-EditDSC_7282-EditDSC_7349-EditDSC_7430-EditDSC_7486-EditDSC_7692-Edit-EditDSC_7708-EditDSC_7732-EditDSC_7766-EditDSC_7923-EditDSC_7944-EditDSC_7986-EditDSC_8048-EditDSC_8108-EditDSC_8558-EditDSC_8608-Edit-Edit


Cheryl Lynne Peterson - The wedding vido of Tina Lega and Trevor Lega created by Ryan Lindquist is amazing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tyg28x6r4pxvm6k/T%20and%20T.mov?dl=0

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The Canadian / German wedding of Love

The wedding of Falco & Melissa was truly an incredible mesh of both German and Canadian culture. The Love for both the bride and groom was so evident though out the entire celebration. The families and friend that traveled to share this special day with both Bride and Groom were so very appreciated.  I have to say the video made  by Falco and Melissa’s friends who were unable to make the trip to Canada was one of the most amazing video’s I have ever seen:)1makeupblog62DSC_1042-Edit3DSC_1186-Edit4DSC_1536-Edit5brides madesblog66DSC_1949-Edit7DSC_1998-Edit8DSC_1836-Edit9DSC_1869-Edit10DSC_2070-Edit11DSC_2139-Edit12DSC_2216-Edit13DSC_2218-Edit14lock boxblog615DSC_2540-Edit16DSC_2570-Edit1718DSC_2925-Edit20DSC_2965-Edit21DSC_3121-Edit2223DSC_3351-Edit24DSC_3450-Edit25DSC_3463-Edit26water and feetblog627DSC_3665-Edit28receptionblog629.DSC_3751-Edit29DSC_4471-Edit30danceblog631garterblog6

Wedding, Family & Baby Photography - www.promisephotography.ca - The amazing Wedding of Falco & Melissa Out, August 9th, 2014

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The Stunning Wedding of Josh & Christine

Photography by Cheryl Lynne Peterson ~ www.promisephotographyca.com ~250-833-2834

Congratulation’s to Josh & Christine Macnab. Their wedding at Bonitas Winery in Summerland BC was so fabulous. Bethany Armstrong & Alexandra Godkin with Peace of Mind “day of” Wedding Coordinator made everything run smoothly. Ryan Lindquist with Last Cut Videography you are always great to work with and I know the wedding montage will bring tears flowing again. Huge thank you to Lorena Klammer for being such a great second shooter for this wonderful day ( the 3rd photo in this montage is her’s) and last but not least to all the wedding party, family and friends who were there for Josh and Christine you all made this day so wonderful.



Cheryl Lynne Peterson - Being the 1st of my 5 wedding’s in August 2014, I decided to get caught up. If this wedding is any indication on how my August weddings will be I am sure a blessed photographer. Congratulations Josh & Christine Macnab.

Cheryl Lynne Peterson - new video posted by Last Cut Videography

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An Amazing Wedding Farm Style!

Photography by Promisephotographyca.com ~ Cheryl Lynne Peterson 250-833-2834

The marriage for Dominique Hatten & Johnathon Hatten was a beautiful celebration of young love. Blessings to this wonderful couple.
Video link by Last Cut Videography Joy de Voshttps://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fvimeo.com%2F95787560&h=3AQHrBlw8


Wedding, Family & Baby Photography - www.promisephotography.ca - Just getting to my web posting however; this wonderful couple makes me smile every time I look at these images. congratulations again Jonathon Hatten and Dominique Hatten!

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Spring Sessions ~ 2 weeks in the orchard / to the beach

I have a vision for spring sessions this year. I have spoken to Mr. Peterson from the Peterson’s Brothers Orchard. The beautiful orchard is in blossom for about 2 weeks around the beginning of May. The orchard is one of my favorite locations in bloom or not however; it is so stunning and lush when the blossoms are out.  I have currently a list of names who want to shoot in the blossomed orchard in 2014. I will be booking sessions tentatively for the 1st 2 weeks in May and if the blossoms come earlier we will bump up the sessions if they come later we will push them back.

I am offering two different types of sessions. 

$175.00 ~  Full Session ~ Two Locations 20 edited images on disc, One print photo print release online gallery{My thoughts on this is that we will start in the orchard, then grab our rubber boots head down to Canoe beach and kick up some water:)“fun times”!}

$120.00 ~ Mini Sessions ~ One Location 45 min session 12 edited images on disc, one Print photo print release online gallery

A deposit of 50% is due to book your session. 

email ~ promisephotographyca@gmail.com

call me or Facebook ~ 250-833-2834

spring 2014RakusiaDC_MBvol45 copy


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Brendan & Telsea exquisit wedding at the Prestige Hotel, Salmon Arm

Photography ~ Cheryl Lynne Peterson ~Promise Photography 250-833-2834

This amazing couple had such a beautiful wedding filled with laughter and fun. The wedding party was amazing and was so great even though the weather was cold. Thank you again for my fabulous second shooterJoshua Jerrid Dickau and Studio 3 Salon and Tarnow’s Hair & Day Spa for their amazing work for this wedding.

b+tBlog board 1b+tBlog board 2 copyB+TBlog Board 3 copyb+tBlog board 23 copy

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April & Brian’s Fabulous, Silver Star Wedding, Vernon BC

Photography by Promise Photography ~ Cheryl Peterson 250-833-2834

Location ~ Silver Star Ski Resort

Wedding coordinator ~English Rose, Laura

Flowers ~ mom and me creations, Kelowna
Second shooter ~ Amie Roussel

Videographer ~ Ryan Lindquist ~  https://vimeo.com/91684196

at Wedding, Family & Baby Photography - 

B+ABlog board 1 copyb+aBlog board 2B+ABlog Board 3 2copy copyB+ABlog Board 3 3copy copyB+ABlog Board 3

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Introducing Gavin Scott McGonigal

photography by Cheryl Lynne Peterson ~ 250-8332834

Another amazing son for this wonderful family!


Wedding, Family & Baby Photography - www.promisephotography.ca - I know it has been a while since I have posted to my website when, I i look at these newborn photo’s of little Gavin and how much he has already grown. you have such sweet boys Jesse and Angela McGonigal.

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Having a baby!!!! what Gender will it be :)

photography by Cheryl Lynne Peterson ~ 250-833-2834

It was such a blast to do this Gender Reveal session, do you guys want to see what Gender the baby will be? I will be even more excited to photograph the mew baby boy when he arrives:)

marnieblog4MARNIE BABY REVELEblog2DSC_7524-Edit

Cheryl Lynne Peterson - This little baby boy will be coming early 2015! I am excited for you Marnie Mckenzie and Ryan Hendricks.

Tanya-Lee Solbakken-Charbonneau - I don’t Know yet what we are having but this is a very cool ideal

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Shane and Ariel’s Shuswap engagement session

DSC_2609photography by Cheryl Lynne Peterson ~ 250-833-2834

This wonderful couple was very easy to work with, they are excited about their upcoming wedding. The relaxed way they are with each other, was so special.


Cheryl Lynne Peterson - Just working on posting some great sessions of 2014, this session with Ariel Dodd and Shane was great and I so look forward to seeing this wonderful couple again on their wedding day!.

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A little Brother for Wyatt ~ What a blessing

photography by Cheryl Lynne Peterson ~ 250-833-2834

we had so much fun with this little one who was almost a month old while big brother Wyatt had a few fun jumps on the trampoline:)

Wedding, Family & Baby Photography - www.promisephotography.ca - sweet little boy came to the studio to show me his beautiful eyes :)

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